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Our company was created to give response to the development and management of a great variety of projects of different complexities and programmes; to accomplish this, we created a cooperative based on the collaborative work of professionals such as architects, urban planners, designers and artists.
We answer to problems with solutions and we make sure we deliver your project fulfilling your highest expectations.

Malaga’s Pharmacists Association Headquarters

The new Pharmaceutical Association’s building, revolves around a central courtyard, wich serves as the core of the building. Starting from this idea of a closed block in which the courtyard is the protagonist of association’s activity, the building is perforated and fragmented on the ground floor to give rise to the different accesses of the building, as well as to preserve the pre-existing trees of the plot.

Literature and Philosophy school, UMA

The building of the University of philosophy needed to be extended to adapt it to the requirements of the new educational plans. For that reason we tried to integrate the new proposed building with the existing plot formed by a longitudinal axis that connects several towers. The idea is to create the environment of a “town square” complementary to the main street, in the image of the traditional Mediterranean city. In addition this new building would have a facade made out of ceramic elements that in addition to granting it its own identity, it will greatly improve the thermal qualities and interior comfort.

Active Aging Center Tartessos, Rincón de la Victoria

Cohousing is a global definition for a supported and socially active way of living in intentional self-managed communities. Tartessos Malaga S. Coop. And. is made up of a group of people who, thinking of tomorrow, are launching an Active Aging Project where they can enjoy full maturity, without depending on the help of family or the Administration.
The main characteristics of our project are based on the construction of a Residential Complex with common and private areas for 68 members, which will offer all the services they may need. The interior design project is based on durable, warm materials and in light tones.

Totteridge, Londres, UK

The Totteridge Barns project was commissioned by a London developer who presented us with a challenge: to build two houses in the place where two small buildings formerly existed, maintaining the original volume, but doubling the built up area. We decided to bury the ground floor 1 meter below ground level and thus be able to build a second floor taking advantage of the extra space that vaulted ceiling gives us.

Linda Vista, Marbella

This house is configured by generating a linear structure, which focused all the perspectives of the house on a north-south axis, closing us off from a hostile street and creating its own private interior landscape. The spaces that are generated between these ribs are intertwined, favoring double circulations, flexible environments and diluting the visual limit between interior and exterior.
Location: Marbella, Malaga, España.




For the design of the pavilion we were guided by the three guiding principles that mark all our projects: Flexibility (double circulations, no name spaces), permeability (filters, diffuse limits between interior and exterior) and the use of elements of traditional Andalusian architecture . Based on these three concepts, the stand is configured as a palimpsest that dialogues with the scale of the congress building center and the human scale inside.

We also want to reflect on the concept of luxury through spatiality and not the materiality, on the hierarchy of spaces and the relationship between them; and about the sometimes eclectic architect profession.

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